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Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean: Daily News Stories 05/11/2015 (p.m.)

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The full face veil in court: Lord Neuberger and the confusion between equality and exceptionalism

Lawyers' Secular Society

By LSS member Daniel Anderson

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, recently made a speech to the Criminal Justice Alliance on the topic of “Fairness in the courts”. Putting it mildly, this speech attracted widespread media attention: see herehere and here. And such attention resulted in the Supreme Court’s Press Office going into overdrive.

What caused the widespread media attention was that Lord Neuberger appeared to suggest that Muslim women should, in the interests of ‘fairness’, be allowed to wear a full face veil when giving evidence in court.

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CMRB Event Today: Challenges in conducting research with Roma women offenders in prison Can Yildiz

No need to reserve a plce – just turn up at 4 pm today. Best, Nira Y-D

CMRB (The Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging)

at the University of East London is pleased to announce as part of its

Borders and Bordering Seminar Series:

Challenges in conducting research with Roma women offenders in prison
Can Yildiz
(King’s College London)

This seminar will take place in

EB.G.06, Docklands Campus, University of East London, E16 2RD,

nearest tube: Cyprus DLR


4-6pm, Monday 11th May 2015

The event is free but spaces are limited so please reserve a place by following the below link


Abstract: Can Yildiz’s doctoral study focuses on the experiences of Romanian and Bulgarian Roma women offenders as it aims to investigate the crucial social processes which produce extremely disproportionately high numbers of them in a London prison. She is about to start doing with her fieldwork in May 2015.  Drawing on her experiences obtaining ethical approval and to formulate her research framework, this paper will discuss some of the bureaucratic, theoretical and practical challenges in conducting research in this field.

Can Yildiz is a PhD student in Urban Geography at King’s College London. Her doctoral research is based on the experiences of Eastern European Roma women offenders in London. She holds MA on migration, mental health and social care. She is a qualified social worker.

See www.euborderscapes.eu for more information on the EU Borderscapes project, www.uel.ac.uk/cmrb/borderscapes for details of the UEL Borderscapes team and www.uel.ac.uk/cmrb for information on CMRB

VIDEO of police violence in Calais just after Interior Minister Cazeneuve visit (4th May 2015)

Calais Migrant Solidarity

These images were captured on the 5th of May 2015, beginning at 8 am and continuing throughout the day on the motorway branch leading to the ferry port of Calais (A216). These are just some examples of the everyday police brutality against people who attempt to cross the channel from Calais to the UK by hiding inside trucks. Calais Migrant Solidarity also intends to recall the difficult conditions faced when documenting police violence.

1 – at 0’12, Three members of the French riot police (CRS) force a person who was hidden in a truck to the other side of the motorway guardrail. At the end of the sequence (0’22) a second police officer discharges a burst of tear gas while the two persons were fleeing.

2 – at 0’28 “,A CRS officer removes a person from a truck and pushes him violently over the guardrail.

3 – at 0’42 “On…

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Workshop Flyer

New Article on Litigating Human Rights: Fair Trial and International Criminal Justice


My article, “Litigating Human Rights:  Fair Trial and International Criminal Justice, the Appellate Acquittals of Major F.X. Nzuwonemeye in the Ndindiliyimana (“Military II”) Case at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda  (‘ICTR’)” was just published in the Spring 2015 Edition of Africa Law Today, the ABA-SIL’s Africa Committee Newsletter.   The article can be accessed at https://gallery.mailchimp.com/90e6f5277dc1d1c2723bb6cee/files/Litigating_Human_Rights_Fair_Trial_and_International_Criminal_Justice_Beth_Lyons_FINAL_.pdf

Chief Charles A. Taku and I represented Major Nzuwonemeye at trial, and on appeal.

In February 2014, the ICTR Appeals Chamber acquitted Major Nzuwonemeye.

The article discusses the reversals by the ICTR Appeals Chamber of Major Nzuwonemeye’s convictions for modes of liability, based on fair trial (right to notice) grounds and failure to provide a reasoned opinion.   The Appeal Judgment, where it holds that there were fair trial violations, is a significant contribution toward strengthening the jurisprudence in support, and defense, of fair trial as an international human right.

CORRECTIONS:  The title should read “. …

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German Shipowners’ Association (VDR) Criticises Growing Reliance on Merchant Vessels to Conduct Mediterranean Sea Rescue – Calls for Expansion of SAR Boundaries


Ralf Nagel, the Chief Executive Officer of the German Shipowners’ Association (VDR), last week called on Germany to deploy Navy vessels outside of the Frontex Triton operation zone and closer to the coast of Libya where private merchant ships are often the first to encounter migrant boats in distress. At least two German Navy ships were in Crete last week waiting for deployment instructions. “Deploying the [German] Navy in that part of the Mediterranean would not only send a strong political signal to Brussels, it would also be an important message for the shipping industry, which is doing all it can. And above all else: it would save the lives of innumerable refugees. Rescuing people at sea ought to be the responsibility of navy and coast guard vessels as a rule. … [W]e therefore demand that the boundaries within which maritime rescues are conducted by government forces be expanded beyond…

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