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New UK Migration Statistics Released and the Migration Statistics Quarterly Report (MSQR)

Migration is down. Source: Gov.uk – New figures show net migration is decreasing

The UK Home Office has just published the latest immigration statistics for the period January to March 2013.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today, Thursday 23rd May 2013, published the Migration Statistics Quarterly Report (MSQR). The report can be accessed from the following link:


The MSQR series brings together statistics on migration that are published quarterly by the Home Office, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), ONS, and the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

ONS have also published the Short-term International Migration Annual Report. It can be accessed from the following link:


ONS have also released a short story on “Seasonal Patterns of Long-term International Migration”, which can be accessed from the following link:


We would welcome any comments on any of our products. Please contact migstatsunit@ons.gov.uk with any comments.

How we are reducing net migration Source – Gov.uk – New figures show net migration is decreasing

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UK Border Agency | Calls for evidence for balance of competences reviews

Calls for evidence for balance of competences reviews

14 May 2013

The Government is carrying out a review of the balance of competences between the EU and the UK. This is an audit of what the EU does and how it affects the UK and will be carried out over four semesters between Autumn 2012 and Autumn 2014.

The Home Office is leading on two reports in the second semester, which runs from Spring 2013 to Winter 2013, in the following areas:

  • Asylum and Immigration; and
  • Free Movement of Persons

The Free Movement of Persons report is being jointly led with the Department for Work and Pensions.

Calls for Evidence for both reports were launched on 15 May 2013 giving both individuals and interested groups the opportunity to contribute their views. The closing date for evidence is midday on 5 August 2013. For more information, and to find out how to submit evidence, please go to Gov.uk.

Article via UK Border Agency | Calls for evidence for balance of competences reviews.

News: UK Border Agency | UK Border Agency’s transition to Home Office

03 May 2013

On 1 April 2013 the UK Border Agency was split into two separate units within the Home Office: a visa and immigration service and an immigration law enforcement division. By creating two entities instead of one, we will be able to create distinct cultures. First, a high-volume service that makes high-quality decisions about who comes here, with a culture of customer satisfaction for businessmen and visitors who want to come here legally. And second, an organisation that has law enforcement at its heart and gets tough on those who break our immigration laws.

Over time we will move the content from the UK Border Agency’s website to the Government’s digital service at http://www.gov.uk. In the meantime, new and updated content added to this website will reflect the new Home Office structure and brand.

These organisational changes to the UK Border Agency do not affect the validity of any reference to the agency in any document or form on this website. The UK’s Immigration Rules will also remain in force.

via UK Border Agency | UK Border Agency’s transition to Home Office.

UK Border Agency | London Metropolitan University granted new licence for a probationary period

London Metropolitan University granted new licence for a probationary period

09 April 2013

International students will be permitted to enter the UK to study at London Metropolitan University from today.

This decision follows the removal of the university’s sponsor licence in August 2012.

A series of inspections carried out by the Home Office in the last 6 months have demonstrated that the university has made the necessary improvements to its systems and administration. The university now meets the requirements needed to sponsor international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

In line with Home Office policy, the university will now be subject to a probationary period in order to build a track record of compliance with the new students they enrol.

During this period there will also be a limit on the number of international students the university can enrol.

Home Office inspection teams looked at areas of concern that led to the revocation of the university’s licence last year, and have worked with university staff to ensure they have appropriate processes for recruiting and monitoring their international students.

Following revocation the Home Office was in contact with affected students directly, and provided regular news and guidance on its homepage. Advice and guidance on applying for a student visa can be found on our London Metropolitan University guidance page.

via UK Border Agency | London Metropolitan University granted new licence for a probationary period.

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New Report: When Maternity Doesn’t Matter: Dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum

When Maternity Doesn't Matter - Refugee Council and Maternity Action reportWhen Maternity Doesn’t Matter: Dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum is a joint report by the Refugee Council and Maternity Action. The Refugee Council has now released the following new stories providing further information on this report:

When Maternity Doesn’t Matter: Dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum

Link:  www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/maternity

This joint Refugee Council and Maternity Action report looks at the experiences of pregnant women in the asylum system, based on interviews with asylum seeking women and midwives responsible for their care.

The findings show that the UK Border Agency’s ‘dispersal’ policies are putting the health of pregnant women and their babies at risk. By moving them to acommodation around the county, women are uprooted from essential healthcare and their support networks, leaving them isolated and vulnerable.

When Maternity Doesn’t Matter – download full report 

Download the summary 

What you can do

#DignityinPregnancyJoin our campaign today to help ensure no women nor their babies have to suffer as a result of UKBA policies.

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UK Border Agency putting health of mothers and babies at risk
By the Refugee Council


25 Feb 2013

– Midwives and MPs speak out in light of new report –

UK Border Agency policies are putting the health of hundreds of pregnant women and their babies at risk, a new report by Maternity Action and Refugee Council reveals today. The research found that the UK Border Agency is endangering the health of pregnant asylum seeking women and their babies by moving them to accommodation around the country, thereby removing them from essential healthcare and leading to isolation.

For the full news story, [click here].


Update: UKBA Press Release on the 3rd edition of the New Life in the UK handbook

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) have released a press release entitled. `New Life in the UK handbook published today’ which provides further information on the launch of the new third edition of the Life in the UK handbook.  Further details are as follows:

New Life in the UK handbook published today

 28 January 2013
Life in the UK handbook

Life in the UK handbook

An updated Life in the UK test handbook is now available to buy.

The new handbook supports the UK Border Agency’s Life in the UK test for migrants wishing to seek permanent residence in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen.

It has been updated to provide the reader with a more accurate reflection of living in the UK, with a greater focus on British culture and history. The handbook is user-friendly and has taken on board feedback from the user evaluation survey, the public and other interested parties.

The handbook celebrates British achievements and prominent individuals in the fields of science, culture, literature and sport. It also highlights the natural beauty and major landmarks of the UK. There is information on government, democracy, the legal system and how individuals can contribute to their community, plus a greater emphasis on the responsibilities as well as privileges of living in the UK.

It will fit easily into a pocket or bag and includes useful ‘check that you understand’ boxes at the end of every section, and a glossary of key words and phrases.

A new Life in the UK test will be introduced on 25 March 2013, 8 weeks after publication of the new handbook, to allow candidates time to prepare. Unlike the current test which only has questions on selected chapters, the new test will include questions on all sections of the new handbook, meaning that candidates will be tested on their knowledge of history and the law. The booking system will make it clear to candidates whether they are booking the new or old test.

[Link to Press Release]


New Report from the UK Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has just published their latest inspection report entitled, “An inspection of how the
UK Border Agency and Border Force handle customs and immigration offences at ports: May-October 2012.”

Further information can be found in the press releases, entitled: “Decisions in Marriage Applications are Reasonable but Chief Inspector Raises Concerns About Backlogs and a Lack of Consideration of the Best Interests of Children.”  The following information is taken from the press release:

The majority of decisions in marriage applications are reasonable said the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, but he was concerned about backlogs of cases and a lack of consideration of the best interests of children. These findings were published today (24th January) in an Independent Chief Inspector’s report looking at the way the UK Border Agency dealt with applications to enter, remain and settle in the UK on the basis of marriage or civil partnership.

The inspection examined the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency’s handling of marriage and civil partnership applications, with a particular focus on the extent to which a consistent approach was adopted overseas and in the UK.

[Download Full Report]

Press Coverage of the Report

The Independent (24/01/2013) – Thousands of immigrants caught up in Border Agency forgotten box farce blunder

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The Refugee Council (24/01/2013) – More calls for improvements at UKBA: our response