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Film: Everyday Borders

University of East London’s Centre for research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, Southall Black Sisters, Migrant Rights Network and the Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London present the following film screening hosted by Northumbria University’s Migration and Diaspora Network and Department of Geography:

Everyday Borders
(dir. Orson Nava)

Increasing numbers of people are becoming border-guards as employers, landlords, health workers and educators are legally required to administer the UK border as part of their everyday lives. As the 2014 Immigration Act pulls more people into border-guard roles, those who are their subjects experience being denied jobs, accommodation, healthcare and education because these border administrators may not be able or willing to understand the complexities of immigration law, may act on racist stereotypes or, threatened by fines and raids, exclude racialised minorities in order to minimize risk to themselves.

What are the implications of these developments to all of us in our daily lives?

News: Thousands of migrants rescued in Mediterranean

Thousands of people in rickety boats and rubber dinghies in the Mediterranean were rescued over the weekend in one of the largest life-saving operations to date led by Italy’s coastguard.

Italian officials say some 5,800 were plucked from the sea on Sunday (3 May) and Saturday. Around 10 were found dead off the Libyan coast with more 2,150 of them rescued on Sunday alone. The migrants were taken to southern Italian ports.

MV Phoenix, a rescue frigate operated by the NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also took part a day after its inaugural launch from Malta. The boat saved 369 migrants on Sunday, said the MSF.

The rescue tally is expected to rise as smugglers in Libya take advantage of calm seas and good weather to send tens of thousands of migrants towards Europe. Italian officials estimated some 200,000 could disembark for Italy by the end of the year.

The EU’s border surveillance mission, Triton, also took part in operations that involved 13 vessels, including two cargo ships and two supply boats.

Read More – EUObserver:  euobserver.com/justice/128560

Political Violence and Humanitarian Technology

The Detention of Asylum Seekers in the Mediterranean Region – A Global Detention Project Background Paper


The Global Detention Project just released a Background Paper, “The Detention of Asylum Seekers in the Mediterranean Region,” which “is intended to highlight some of the vulnerabilities that people seeking international protection face when they are taken into custody in Mediterranean countries and to underscore the way that European Union-driven policies have impacted the migratory phenomenon in the region.”  GDP Cover-Backgrounder Det of Asy Seekers in Med_April 2015

Summary: “With the recent tragic surge in the number of deaths at sea of asylum seekers and other migrants attempting to reach Europe, enormous public attention is being focused on the treatment of these people across the Mediterranean. An important migration policy employed throughout the region is detention, including widespread deprivation of liberty of asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups. …

The report focuses on eight key countries in Europe and North Africa. While there are clear differences in treatment from one side of the Mediterranean to the next…

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