Refugee Archives & History Group

The idea for creating a Refugee Archives and History Group (RAHG) was born out of preparations undertaken for the 2013 Refugee Week Conference, which was held on Friday 22 February, 2013 at Amnesty International. As part of our planning, we are interested in trying to establish a network of archivists, librarians, historians, refugee-community organisations and members of refugee communities themselves to facilitate discussions around the importance of preserving refugee history and to provide an open space for discussing best practice in terms of preserving the history of the refugee experience through archival records.

The hope for the Refugee Archives and History Group will be to create  an informal group of archivists, historians, NGOs and refugee communities. The main focus will be to consider and address how Archives can be developed and made accessible to help support historical approaches to the study of refugee and forced migration issues.

We hope therefore that this website and accompanying email group will attract a membership from both the academic sector (historians, librarians, archivists), and also interested members from the voluntary sector and also we hope from the refugee communities themselves.  We hope this will be beneficial to all groups by providing an opportunity to discuss these issues across professional boundaries.  Please also consider joining our email Discussion List hosted by Jiscmail.

Further information can be found as follows:

Refugee History Timeline:

UEL Archvies Portal –

Refugee Week:

London Metropolitan Archives:

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