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Archive Weekly Newsletter Number 4

The latest copy of our new weekly Archives Newsletter is now available.  Copies can also be found online at:

Our Website:  http://www.uel.ac.uk/rca/newsletter.htm

Our Blog:  https://refugeearchives.wordpress.com/weekly-newsletter/

The newsletter is also distributed, along with other useful messages and emails, via our Email list.  Further details can be found at:  https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=REFUGEE-RESEARCH

Off Air Recordings WB: 27/03/2010

The following off-air recording requests have been made for the Refugee Archives at UEL for the week beginning Saturday 27 March, 2010.

Monday 29 March

2030-2100: BBC1: Panorama – Passports to Kill.  7558

2100-2230: BBC2: (1/2) Blood and Oil.  17782894.  Both Parts Please.

Tuesday 30 March

2100-2200: BBC3: The World’s Most Dangerous Place for Women.  2223653

2100-2230: BBC2: (2/2) Blood and Oil.  1759566

Thursday 1 April

2100-2200:  BBC3: Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey (child trafficking).  6675081.

Friday 2 April

1930-2000:  Channel 4:  (2/10) Unreported World – Nigeria’s Killing Fields.  27

Off Air Recordings: WB 06/02/2010

The following programmes have been requested to be recorded for the Refugee Archives this week:

Saturday 30 January

1815-1915: BBC2: (4/6) A History Of Christianity.  242254

Sunday 7 January

1900-2000: BBC2: (3/4) Lost Kingdoms of Africa.  399304

1900-2000:  Channel 4: (3/7) The Bible: A History.  7668

Monday 8 February

2100-2200: Channel 4: (2/4) Tower Block of Commons.  8472

2100-2200: BBC2: (1/3) Generation Jihad.  3359.  Whole Series Requested.

Wednesday 10 February

2100-2200: BBC4: (1/5) Syrian School.  551942.  Whole Series Requested.

Friday 12 February

1930-2000: Channel 4: Young, Angry and White.  473

Refugee Archives Saturday Openings for Semester B

The following dates are the now confirmed dates for the Refugee Archives at UEL to be open on a Saturday during Semester B. Apologies for the delay in confirming these dates and for there being no dates available during April, this is due to a combination of Easter and the prior commitments of the Archivist.

I hope these dates will be fixed now but if the need arises for any alterations then these will be advertised well in advance.

The Archive will therefore be open on the following Saturdays during the times listed:

  • Saturday 7 March: 10am-5pm
  • Saturday 28 March: 10am-5pm
  • April: No Saturday Openings Possible.
  • Saturday 9 May: 10am-5pm
  • Saturday 16 May: 10am-5pm

These dates are also available on our web site at:


If you have any comments, then please let us know my leaving a reply to this posting or by contacting us at: library-archives@uel.ac.uk.

Off Air Recordings: WB 21/02/2009

Saturday 21 February

2100-2200: BBC2: (3/3) Iran and the West.

2245-0015: BBC2: True North

Sunday 22 February

1805-1905: BBC2: (5/6) Amazon with Bruce Perry

1900-2000: Channel 4: (7/8) Christianity: A History.

Monday 23 February

2100-2200: BBC1: (4/5) Who Do You Think You Are?

Off Air Recordings: WB 31/01/2009.

Details of the off-air recordings requested for the Refugee Archives for the week beginning Saturday 31 January 2009 are detailed below:

Saturday 32 January

1900-2100: BBC4: Anne Frank Remembered.

2100-2200: BBC2: Mandela at 90

Sunday 01 February

1900-2000: Channel 4: ( 4/8 ) Christianity: a History.

1900-2000: BBC2: (2/6) Amazon with Bruce Perry.

2100-2200: BBC2: (2/4) Explore.  Port of a Series.

Monday 02 February

1955-2000: Channel 4:  (1/4) Three Minute Wonder – Foreign Correspondents. Whole Series Requested.

2000-2100: Channel 4:  Dispatches –
Congo’s Forgotten Children.

2100-2200: BBC1: (1/5) Who Do You Think You Are?  Whole Series Requested.

2100-2200: ITV1: (1/3) Whitechapel.  Whole Series Requested.

Tuesday 03 February

1955-2000: Channel 4:  (2/4) Three Minute Wonder – Foreign Correspondents.

2000-2100: ITV1: (1/3) Doctors and Nurses at War.  Whole Series Requested.

Wednesday 03 February

1955-2000: Channel 4:  (3/4) Three Minute Wonder – Foreign Correspondents.

Thursday 04 February

1955-2000: Channel 4:  (4/4) Three Minute Wonder – Foreign Correspondents.

2320-2350: BBC2: Explore: Kenya’s Violent Rift.

Refugee Archives – Changes to Opening Hours and Staff Availability

This is a quick note just to update everyone on some forthcoming changes to the opening hours and staffing arrangements for the Refugee Archives and to detail the Saturday Opening timetable for Semester B.

There are three main strands to this message and these will be detailed as follows:

1). Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paul Dudman, (the Archivist), will be away from the office for a two week period between Monday 2nd February and Friday 13 February. A reduced Archive service will therefore operate during this period and please enquire at the Library Enquiry Desk for further information, (Tel: 020 8223 3434).

2) From Monday 16rh February when Paul Dudman returns to the Archive, he will only be available in the Archive during the normal office hours on Mondays (9am-6pm) ; Tuesdays (10am-7pm) ; and Wednesdays (9am-6pm). For al day on Thursday and on Friday mornings until 1pm, the Archive will be managed by a member of Library Staff subject to staff availability. Please bear in mind it might take a little longer to answer your enquiries so please be patient.

3) The initial plan for Saturday openings in Semester B will be to open the Archive on the dates listed below. Hopefully there will not be any changes to this list but it is still provisional until I can confirm the dates on my return. I will let you know as soon as possible when the official dates are know.

The provisional dates are therefore as follows:

Saturday 21 February : 10am-5pm

Saturday 21 March : 10am-5pm

Saturday 28 March: 10am-5pm

April No Saturday Opening Possible.

Saturday 9 May : 10am- 5pm

Saturday 16 May : 10am – 5pm.

Many thanks in advance for your help and co-operation.  Any questions then please email us at: Library-archives@uel.ac.uk.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Dudman


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