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State of the World's Children 2012

State of the World's Children 2012

State of the World’s Children 2012:  Children in an Urban World.  The latest annual flagship publication produced by UNICEF.   This report reflects on the fact that:

Urbanization leaves hundreds of millions of children in cities and towns excluded from vital services, UNICEF warns in The State of the World’s Children 2012: Children in an Urban World.

Greater urbanization is inevitable. In a few years, the report says, the majority of children will grow up in towns or cities rather than in rural areas. Children born in cities already account for 60 per cent of the increase in urban population.

Cities offer many children the advantages of urban schools, clinics and playgrounds. Yet the same cities the world over are also the settings for some of the greatest disparities in children’s health, education and opportunities.

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Asylum Support for Women who are Victims of Domestic Violence, Factsheet no. 13 (Asylum Support Appeals Project, Dec. 2011) [text]
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The Irish Refugee Council has launched the European Database on Asylum Law (EDAL). It houses summaries of case law from 11 EU Member States that address asylum and refugee law issues. Links are provided to the full-texts of the original decisions. Also included are overviews of several countries’ asylum policies and procedures, key legislative texts and other related policy documents.

“Déplacements de populations et identités dans la vallée de Ferghana: les limites du paradigme ethnique,” Cahiers d’Asie centrale, no. 19-20 (2011) [full-text]
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From Pillar to Post: The Plight of Afghans Abroad (IRIN, Feb. 2012) [text]
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Creating the conditions for integration.
A new report by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
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(Source: Migrants’ Rights Network).