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Publication: New Report from the Migration Museum

How We Got Here: The First Two Years

Migration Museum Project, July 2012

The Migration Museum has just published an update report detailing the first two years of the organisations’s work.

Further details of the report and a full text online version can be accessed [here].



New Report by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA)

A new report has recently been published by John Vine, the Independent Chief of the UK Border Agency, (UKBA), in relation to the detained fast-track (DFT) scheme.  This report, entitled “Asylum: A thematic inspection of Detained Fast Track” and a report on the “Investigation into border security checks” can be found on the website of the independent Chief of the UK Border Agency at : http://icinspector.independent.gov.uk/ or downloaded from the following links:

There has been much media coverage of these reports, a selection of which are recorded below:

Young Lives in Limbo: the protection of age disputed young people in Wales

The Welsh Refugee Council (http://www.welshrefugeecouncil.org/) has recently published a new report entitled, “Young Lives in Limbo: the protection of age disputed young people in Wales”.  This report “describes the experiences of young asylum seekers whose lives are in limbo because their age is disputed by the UKBA and Local Authorities.”

Copies of the Exexutive Summary and the Full Report are available in PDF format from the links below:

Executive Summary – English

Executive Summary – Welsh

WRC Young Lives in Limbo WEB