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Scholarships on Migration and Place and Migration, Housing and the Neighbourhood System

Scholarships on Migration and Place and Migration, Housing and the Neighbourhood System

Funded scholarships in the Institute of Social Policy, Housing, the Environment and Real Estate (I-SPHERE) at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh where I am based. The topics are:

1) Migration and Place

2) Migration, the Housing System and Neighbourhood Dynamics

See below for links to entry requirements and how to apply, and for more detail on the scope of these topics.


Migration and Place

Human migration impacts on the environment at a global, national and local level and is often the focus of intense political attention and debate. Yet, to date, research has not kept up with the pace, scale and patterns of either the voluntary movement of economic migrants, the forced migration of asylum-seekers and refugees, or the large-scale involuntary displacement of people due to climate change effects such as flooding or other natural disasters. Such research plays an important role in advancing understanding of the causes, consequences and experiences of human movement within the context of rapid urbanization and globalisation in diverse contexts. Previous work in this area has explored the access to, and experiences of established and recent migrants to key public services including housing, planning, social care, employment and the arts. Recent work has examined the relationship between migration and poverty, and what can be done to alleviate the effects of poverty among both migrants and the majority population, including among low-paid workers, in both urban and rural contexts. Yet another strand of work has examined the dynamics of identity construction and negotiation, and issues related to belonging, integration and exclusion at various spatial levels as well as (changing) forms of multiculturalism. Such issues continue to remain in sharp focus following the Global Financial Crisis, and within the UK, are the subject of current debates on how the nation positions itself within the EU. Research in this area has been used as the basis for expert witness guidance and advice to the European Commission, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Scottish Government and quasi-governmental organisations. (Supervisor Gina Netto g.netto@hw.ac.uk)

Migration, the Housing System and Neighbourhood Dynamics

Since the early 2000s the UK has been experiencing an era of ‘super-diversity’ due to increased number of immigrants coming to the country from a wide range of destinations. Academic research to an extent has not kept pace with this change in that research continued to be focused on established ethnic minorities, who present different characteristics to recent immigrants. Researchers at I-SPHERE recognise this need for more research on recent immigrants and are interested in supervising doctoral research related to the core areas studied within the Institute: the housing system and neighbourhoods. We welcome PhD candidates interested in topics such as: migrant housing trajectories, migrant homelessness, the impact of rapid migration on neighbourhoods (place dynamics, social cohesion, conflict), migrants’ use of urban spaces and services, formation of place identity/attachment, and forced dispersal of asylum seekers and refugees. I-SPHERE has a strong track record in research on migration and ethnicity, including studies led by Dr Gina Netto, Dr Filip Sosenko and Prof. Suzanne Fitzpatrick.

(Supervisor: Dr Filip Sosenko f.sosenko@hw.ac.uk)

We invite research leaders and ambitious early career researchers to join us in leading and driving research in key inter-disciplinary themes. Please see www.hw.ac.uk/researchleaders for further information and how to apply.

News: 7 PhD scholarships in Migration, Urbanization and Societal Change at Malmö University, Sweden

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This may be of interest to some on the list:


7 PhD scholarships in Migration, Urbanization and Societal Change at Malmö University, Sweden

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7 PhD scholarships in Migration, Urbanization and Societal Change

The Faculty of Culture and Society at Malmö University, Sweden, has 7 fully-funded four-year PhD scholarships available for candidates from all over the world. 4 scholarships will be in the subject of Urban Studies (two of which with a focus on Real Estate Science) and 3 in International Migration and Ethnic relations.

For more information about Malmö University:


For information on eligibility criteria, conditions and application procedures visit:

http://www.mah.se/english/research/Postgraduate-studies/ (English)

http://www.mah.se/Forskning/Utbildning-pa-forskarniva/ (Swedish)

The posts will be announced on the 6th of September here; http://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Personalfragor/Platsannonser/

Deadline for applications 1th of October 2012.