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New Report from the UK Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has just published their latest inspection report entitled, “An inspection of how the
UK Border Agency and Border Force handle customs and immigration offences at ports: May-October 2012.”

Further information can be found in the press releases, entitled: “Decisions in Marriage Applications are Reasonable but Chief Inspector Raises Concerns About Backlogs and a Lack of Consideration of the Best Interests of Children.”  The following information is taken from the press release:

The majority of decisions in marriage applications are reasonable said the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, but he was concerned about backlogs of cases and a lack of consideration of the best interests of children. These findings were published today (24th January) in an Independent Chief Inspector’s report looking at the way the UK Border Agency dealt with applications to enter, remain and settle in the UK on the basis of marriage or civil partnership.

The inspection examined the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agency’s handling of marriage and civil partnership applications, with a particular focus on the extent to which a consistent approach was adopted overseas and in the UK.

[Download Full Report]

Press Coverage of the Report

The Independent (24/01/2013) – Thousands of immigrants caught up in Border Agency forgotten box farce blunder

The Guardian (24/01/2013) – Inspector finds UK Border Agency backlog dating back 10 years

The Daily Telegraph (24/01/2013) – Immigration backlog of 16,000 migrants uncovered by inspectors

The Daily Telegraph (24/01/2013) – New backlog of 16,000 immigrants just a ‘customer service’ issue, says minister

The Refugee Council (24/01/2013) – More calls for improvements at UKBA: our response


Updated List of Publications from the IOM and About Us The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

The following additional publications by The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have recently been published.

Newly Published reports from The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration:

An inspection of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Immigration Team– Published 5 July 2012

A re-inspection of the UK Border Agency visa section in Abu Dhabi and Islamabad – Published 5 July 2012

New publications from the International Organization for Migration (IOM):

IOM launch quarterly on environmental migration.
Further details:

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) launched the first edition of their new quarterly newsletter on environmental migration this week. Keen to position themselves at the centre of the international response, the agency announce several new policy and programmatic interventions for 2012. Including a welcome stream of work on adaptation and development planning.

Despite growing recognition that environmental change will increase the need for people to move within and across borders to survive and thrive the international community are reluctant to commit to action. No international institution has an express responsibility to address concerns. But individual governments and agencies are stirring. Each conference, project or bilateral agreement negotiated is already shaping the response space. And on an issue that demands the attention of not just migration but humanitarian, development, human rights, environment and protection expertise we must hope that other agencies and forward looking governments step up.

You can download the first edition here: ICP Environmental Migration Newsletter Spring edition 1 2012 (2)