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New Thematic Publications on Counting Displaced Populations; Humanitarian Information; and Climate Change/Disasters

Details of these new publications were originally circulated by Elisa Mason on the incredibly useful: Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog.  Further details can be found on the website at:  http://fm-cab.blogspot.co.uk/

New Publications on Counting Displaced Populations

Asylum Trends 2012: Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries (UNHCR, March 2013) [text]
– See also related news story, with links to materials for media use.

CCR Decries Dramatic Drop in Refugees Resettled to Canada (CCR, March 2013) [text]

FY12 Refugee Admissions Statistics (U.S. Department of State, Feb. 2013) [access]
– Follow link for interactive table.

Modern Technology Helps Meet the Needs of Refugees in South Sudan (UNHCR, Dec. 2012) [text]

A Numbers Game: Counting Refugees and International Burden-Sharing, Tasmania, 19 Dec. 2012 [text]
– Follow link for text of public lecture.

Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt Top One Million (UNHCR, March 2013) [access]
– Follow link for access to map and infographic.

“Validity and Feasibility of a Satellite Imagery-based Method for Rapid Estimation of Displaced Populations,” International Journal of Health Geographics 12:4 (Jan. 2013) [open access text]

New Publications on Humanitarian Information

Evidence & Knowledge in Humanitarian Action, Washington, DC, 5-7 March 2013 [access]
– Follow the link to access the “virtual space” set up to provide access to videos, presentations, PDFs, and session summaries from the meeting.

Chad and the Darfur Refugee Crisis: Internews Humanitarian Information Service’s Program in Chad 2005-2012 (Internews, March 2013) [text]

Oxfam Donates Archive to the Bodleian Libraries (Bodleian Libraries, Feb. 2013) [text]

Presentation: Social Media in Emergency Response Operations (Social Media for Good, March 2013) [access]

“The Use of Systematic Reviews and Other Research Evidence in Disasters and Related Areas: Preliminary Report of a Needs Assessment Survey,” PLOS Currents: Disasters (Jan. 2013) [open access text]

When Information is a Lifeline: The Role of Local Media in Humanitarian Crises (USAID Frontlines, Jan./Feb. 2013) [text]

New Publications on Climate Change/Disasters

2012 Disasters in Numbers (CRED et al., 2013) [text]

Disasters and Displacement: Improving Preparedness and Protection (IPI, March 2013) [text]
– Summary of a workshop held in Vienna on 5 Sept. 2012.

Economic Losses from Disasters Set New Record in 2012 (UNISDR, March 2013) [text]
– See related infographic (above) and IRIN news story.

Moving Stories: The Arctic – Migration and Displacement Linked to Climate Change (UK Climate Change & Migration Coalition, March 2013) [text]

Reducing Risks of Future Disasters: Priorities for Decision Makers (Foresight, Nov. 2012) [access]
– Follow link for final report and supporting documents.

Relocation Across Borders: A Prescient Warning in the Pacific (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, March 2013) [text]

The World Turned Upside Down: A Review of Protection Risks and UNHCR’s Role in Natural Disasters, PDES/2013/03 (UNHCR, March 2013) [text]