The Descent of Burundi – The Beginning of the Second Great Lakes Crisis?

The Urbanisation of Displacement

The displacement crisis in Burundi has been escalating apace since 2015, ignited by the re-election for a third consecutive term of President Nkurinziza. The resulting violence from this re-election has led to the deaths of numerous Burundian citizens and displacement on a massive scale to the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Uganda and especially Tanzania, which is now hosting a population of just under 200,000 refugees in the Western part of the country, 133,000 of which are Burundian citizens. UNHCR is reporting multiple counts of rape of both men and women, and death by machete eerily reminiscent of the Rwandan genocide, and reports of increased violence by the group Imbonerakure, the youth wing of the ruling party. Arrests, disappearances and beatings continue unabated and it appears there is no peace in sight for the foreseeable future.

The scale of the Burundian crisis has been met with very little media attention outside…

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