Interview with the Jamiya Project

ESPMI Network

The Jamiya Project brings together Syrian academics, European universities, and the latest education technology to provide access to higher education to Syrian refugees who experience disrupted studies due to conflict and forced migration. This September, the project broke ground with the launch of its first pilot course for refugees in Za’atari Refugee Camp and in Amman. Using innovative strategies, research, and collaboration, the project’s vision is to move the needle on disrupted education by creating a replicable solution that provides relevant and accessible education to refugees, asylum-seekers, and conflict-affected communities. The ESPMI Network spoke with the Jamiya Project to learn about the roots of the initiative, how it is providing sustained education to Syrians, and what’s next for the project.

What motivated the creation of the Jamiya Project?

The Jamiya Project was borne out of a desire to bring the highest quality education opportunities to the 90,000 Syrian refugee students in the Middle…

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