Nobody is ever just a refugee”: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s powerful speech on the global migrant crisis

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The Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie called on attendees of the United Nationā€™s World Humanitarian day last week to rethink the refugee crisis.

ā€ Nobody is ever just a refugee,ā€¯ said the novelist and non-fiction writer, delivering the keynote address at the event in New York. ā€ Nobody is ever just a single thing. And yet, in the public discourse today, we often speak of people as a single a thing. Refugee. Immigrant.ā€¯

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to more than a quarter of the worldā€™s refugee population, about 18 million people fleeing conflict in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, and elsewhere.

Adichie, the author of Americanah and several other books, has a personal connection to migration. Her parents were displaced during the Nigeria-Biafra war and lived as refugees for three years. She proposed a new way of thinking and talking about those in need:

In my language, Igbo…

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