Interview with Tim Finch: Why Britain Chose to Partially Privatize Refugee Resettlement

ESPMI Network

YOU COULD BE forgiven for missing the British government’s recent announcement of the “full community sponsorship scheme.” It was not accompanied by much media fanfare. The coverage it did receive tended to focus on the hosting of a Syrian refugee family by the Archbishop of Canterbury at his Lambeth Palace residence.

In reality, the acceptance of private sponsorship of refugees marked the success of a committed campaign to persuade the British government to follow Canada’s lead and allow private groups to shoulder most of the costs and responsibility for resettling refugees.

Tim Finch, who helped set up the National Refugee Welcome Board, was among the leads in making this happen. The former head of research at the Institute for Public Policy Research, a think tank, persuaded the new refugees welcome board to make the push forprivate sponsorship central to the mission.

Down in the detail of a

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