Hockey, Baseball, Refugees: An interactive tour of five camps in Greece

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IG-Ragdha Tent 2

Some 57,000 refugees are living in Greece, and most of them aren’t happy about it. They were fleeing wars in Syria and elsewhere, on their way to other European countries. The border closed in March, and they were stranded. The majority now live in more than 40 camps scattered around Greece. And these are not people used to living like this. A young mom named Ida who’s from Aleppo—once a city of more than two million—now finds herself living in a tent at an old air force base. “I didn’t really know what a tent was,” she said.

The camps are in a crazy variety of places: an abandoned beach resort, an Olympic baseball stadium, a highway rest stop, the grounds of an old psychiatric hospital. A team from This American Life went to see how people are adapting to this new life they do not want. We also sent…

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