Call for articles on Resettlement: Forced Migration Review

ESPMI Network

Forced Migration Review issue 54 – to be published in February 2017 – will include a major feature on Resettlement.

Deadline for submission of articles: Monday 10th October 2016


Resettlement is one of the three ‘traditional’ durable solutions for refugees. It involves the selection and transfer of refugees from a state in which they have sought protection to a third state which has agreed to admit them, as refugees and traditionally with permanent residence status. As such, resettlement is a tool for refugee protection, designed to meet specific needs of refugees whose life, liberty, safety, health or other fundamental rights are at risk in the country where they have sought asylum. Ironically, it involves the further displacement of the refugees.

Although fewer than one per cent of refugees globally are resettled, resettlement can constitute an expression of international solidarity and a commitment to sharing the responsibility of refugee protection…

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