Project Highlight: Jamiya Project – Delivering Higher Education to Syrian Refugees

ESPMI Network

Jamiya Project: Delivering Higher Education to Syrian Refugees  


Conservative estimates suggest that there are around 100,000 Syrian refugees in the Middle East who cannot access higher education. Due to financial, social, linguistic and other barriers, an entire generation of Syrians are at risk of being denied the opportunity to fulfil their education potential. This situation is not only creating a ‘lost generation’ of young educated Syrians, but it is also making the eventual task of rebuilding the country much harder, and potentially heightening the risk of prolonged instability. Displacement on a scale such as that resulting from the Syrian conflict disturbs the networks and institutions that would have previously provided university education for the whole country. But what if those displaced communities could use technology to restart university education by re-establishing and re-connecting these networks?

The Jamiya Project aims to address this challenge by bringing together Syrian academics, European…

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