How we survived: child refugees given a stage to tell their stories (in pictures)

ESPMI Network

8272 Iveye, six (far left), carries her 18-month-old sister Rebecca on her back, re-enacting their five-day mountain crossing from crisis-hit Burundi to Tanzania with their father. The family were temporarily separated when they crossed the border. Save the Children say that many children are forced to make this journey alone, sometimes walking for two days without food. Photograph: Patrick Willocq/Save the Children


8272 Anicet, 10, wants to be a doctor treating malaria, which is the biggest killer of people living in Nyarugusu where he also lives. ‘This would make me a very important person and it would help me get something in my life,’ said Anicet. He is one of tens of thousands of children who have fled Burundi to neighbouring Tanzania. Photograph: Patrick Willocq/Save The Children

See more pictures here. (Original posted in the Guardian)

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