Explainer: Cameron’s u-turn on refugee children

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My view on Cameron’s u-turn on refugee children on BBC News.
In brief, it is a welcome development, particularly because it is the first time in the current refugee crisis the UK government is accepting refugees already in the EU. However, the details of the decision and its implementation must be closely monitored. The precedent is the very slow implementation of the not exactly generous commitment to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees from the region in 5 years, basically subjecting the lives of people escaping from war zones to the length of UK’s electoral cycle. The crisis is now, and it is now that the UK government should act, not in a hardly foreseeable future.
Moreover, the government’s compassionate turn has a couple of important caveats: firstly, it is not committing to a specific number of resettlements, but has skilfully transferred the onus on local authorities who are now tasked to…

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