Undocumented childrens’ stories published

ESPMI Network

_medium_Khaoula_RESF_StoryHafidhPICUM – the European platform for undocumented migrants –  has launched a series of testimonies and stories of undocumented children and youth. Stories and quotes will be published in the run-up to Universal Children’s day in November, says the NGO. The series aims to give a voice to children and young people as well as to their parents, caregivers and supporting organisations to show the realities undocumented children and youth face across Europe. Some of these stories will be published in a booklet later this year.

Hafidh’s story as well as the story of Kamel are available online. PICUM will add more stories to this page throughout the year. Testimonies are available in English, French and Spanish and can also be shared through social media, using the hash tag #ShareYourStory. You can also send PICUM any stories or quotes of undocumented children and youth you may have that they wish to share. For…

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