Syria and climate change: did the media get it right?

ESPMI Network

ChCsNueW0AQjb3yPlease visit the original website to see all video and multimedia content, as well as full text of the article (full access cannot be replicated in this blog entry).

The Climate and Migration Coalition exists to support and protect people at risk of displacement linked to environmental change. The Coalition is a network of refugee and migration NGOs. The network is managed by the UK charity Climate Outreach.

During 2015 the media started connecting climate change with the conflict in Syria and subsequent refugee movements across Europe. Many reports were in direct response to new research making this connection. Other reports mentioned this research while examining other major events such as the drownings in the Mediterranean, the refugee camp in Calais and the terrorist attacks in November 2015. But did those media reports accurately represent the research they referenced?

Some elements of media reporting accurately represented the research, especially when coverage…

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