Call for Proposals (May 10): Workshop “Seeking Asylum – Regional and Global perspectives” Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

ESPMI Network


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin invites graduate students and activists to apply for the international workshop “Seeking Asylum – Regional and Global perspectives”. While primarily focusing on the case of Syria, the workshop will also discuss the situation at other sites of violence and armed conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Through the participation of scholars, grassroots activists and NGO workers the workshop seeks to forge a synthesis of theoretical insights and practical expertise as academic findings shall be combined with first-hand experience.

We particularly encourage contributions on the following topics:
I) Understanding war-induced flight: Analysis of conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan
II) Reconstructing escape routes and impact on direct neighboring countries: Perspectives
from Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.
III) Europe between refugees welcome and the rise of the ultra-right


Graduate students and early-in-career scholars from the Social Sciences, Humanities as well as from other disciplines, NGO…

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