Call for Papers (Abstract June 30th): The Production of Forced Migration

ESPMI Network

CFP: “The Production of Forced Migration”

11th Annual Centre for Refugee Studies Student Caucus Conference
23-24 September, 2016
York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The term “production” has many senses. Attention to the discursive and material production of migration and displacement is important, so that social, economic, and political relations inherent in migration are not hidden. Rather than treating current migration and displacement as unprecedented, the current state of migration and displacement in the world can be understood as an extension or prolongation of already existing conditions. Straightforwardly, production often refers to ‘generation,’ therefore we critically examine diverse causes of forced migration. Beyond legal definitions of refugees, we are interested in the ways globalising capitalist modes of production produce displacement and migration (including through development projects and environmental displacement). Thinking broadly, we also invite submissions on the production of forced migration as a field of study, as a…

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