Paying Eritrea to stop their slaves escaping is the road to moral ruin

Development and Human Rights

When Britain outlawed slavery many centuries ago, wealthy slave owners were granted heavy compensation to make up for their losses. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, consider the thousands of people trapped in military slavery in Eritrea, who this week may have been made aware of the news that the European Union is to hand over ‎€200m directly to the Eritrean government to actively stop them from escaping.

The migrant crisis has become an embarrassment for the EU. Locked for years in an internal battle, and having failed to come up with anything even close to the political consensus needed to cope with the crisis in a humane and rational manner, it appears the only thing anyone can vaguely agree on is that it would be helpful if the migrants stopped coming. Apparently, anything that may prevent this, regardless of how despicable it might be, is now being considered…

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