Australia’s Migration Policy: Papua New Guinea’s planned closure of a detention center

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Australia Asylum Seekers In this file photo from Dec. 15, 2010, people clamber on the rocky shore on Christmas Island, Australia, during a rescue attempt as a boat breaks up in the background, killing 48 asylum seekers. The asylum seekers who head to Australia in rickety fishing boats are just a trickle in the global flow of refugees. But given the top-tier debate they have ignited in Australia, they might as well be an invading armada. (AP Photo/ABC, FIle) AUSTRALIA OUT

The first boat people to arrive on Australian shores were three young friends and two brothers from Vietnam who’d navigated the seas with a map torn from a school atlas. It was April 1976, and they fled the scars of the Vietnam War and the fall of Saigon on a 65-foot wooden fishing boat. The migrants were called boat people quite simply because that’s how they…

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