Returning to Afghanistan with nothing but two small coffins

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af95a609b5c04e2286def930537647fb_18 A photo of Elaheh, 8, who perished at sea when the boat her family was in sank in the Mediterranean [Jawad Jalali/Al Jazeera]

A family who lost both of their children at sea describe returning to Afghanistan with nothing but two small coffins.

D. Parvaz | 29 Apr 2016 13:28 GMT | Afghanistan, Refugees

Kabul, Afghanistan – The pain etched on refugee faces on Greek and Turkish shores does not remain there. For many Afghans, it follows them home as they are deported back to Afghanistan – the bodies of their drowned loved ones, if they are found, in tow.

Loss followed Massoud Ahmad, 35, and his wife, Weeda Jan, 32, back to Kabul on December 28, along with the bodies of their two children – Gholam Seddiq, nine, and Elaheh, eight.

“They were the top of their class,” says Ahmad, wiping tears from his eyes. He lets the tea in front of him grow…

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