In with tourists, out with refugees: Greece moves refugees from Athens to the outskirts

ESPMI Network


29 Apr 2016 19:47 GMT

The Greek government is moving thousands of refugees from camps in central Athens to new settlements on the city’s outskirts to prepare for the arrival of tourists.

Greece expects 23 million visitors this year, who are expected to bring in about $20bn in revenue.

For months the streets of the Greek capital were home to refugees from Syria and other countries living rough as they prepared for the next step of their journeys to northern and western Europe.

Makeshift refugee camps in Athens, once at the centre of the refugee influx, are now disappearing as residents are bussed out to new settlements far from the eyes of tourists on whom Greece’s faltering economy relies.

The new camps are air-conditioned and provide adequate sanitation facilities, a big improvement on the old ones, which lacked the most basic necessities.

But many refugees are reluctant to make the…

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