David Cameron’s win against reform of Dublin regulation

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Two pieces in today’s The Guardian discuss latest development concerning the EU’s response to refugee crisis. They include quotes from me in relation to Frontex and estimates on irregular entry.  A third piece reports on David Cameron’s alleged victory in retaining the Dublin regulation largely unchanged. ‘Alleged’ for a number of reasons, including:

  • because it is not a victory as the Dublin system has proved to be clearly unworkable in the recent crisis and even before and the Commission is proposing only minimal amendments.
  • because it is appalling to see the lives of people fleeing conflict and persecution used so cynically by both sides in the Tories’ civil war of the EU referendum (three more months to go before the night of the long knives in the Conservative party).

Here the 5 priorities of the EU commission for reforming the Common European Asylum System:

  1. Establishing a sustainable and fair system for determining the…

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