How dare Ghana care more about the victims of Burkina Faso than Brussels? Those racists!

Development and Human Rights

I’m sick of the comparative grief activists. There, I said it.

Every time there is a terrorist attack in Western Europe (which happens with increasingly alarming frequency), the usual suspects are all over my Facebook berating those expressing grief and solidarity for not have shown grief or solidarity an appropriate amount to some other tragedy that happened much further away with less relevance to their own lives. They share images of substandard war memorials, of a lack of European politicians expressing grief. Their aim is simple, to make us feel guilty about our shock and grief.

I’m not saying for a second that there should be hierarchy in the importance of human lives. But as I’ve discussed before, there are some legitimate reasons beyond just the equality of human life that mean people and media outlets are more interested in Western European tragedy beyond the reductive charge of racism…

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