Extremism is complicated, but try telling The Sun that

Development and Human Rights

Yesterday, IPSO compelled The Sun to apologise and publish a correction for a deeply misleading story it published that claimed 1 in 5 British Muslims had some sympathy with those who had fled the UK to fight for ISIS. I don’t need to go into the reasons why this shameful article, specifically articulated to mislead and marginalise, should never have made it to press. The Sun’s article was typical of a cruel-hearted tabloid, and the right-wing media’s determination to pour scorn on multiculturalism, migration, diversity and difference. This is hardly the first time one of these hideous tabloids have stood rightly accused of deliberately misrepresenting, or even wholeheartedly fabricating, stories that attacked Britain’s marginalised minority groups. What made this story so deeply depressing was that a polling company would have commissioned such a pointless and meaningless poll in the first place. The Sun’s despicable lies have taken centre stage…

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