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Hunger strike finished – struggle continues


Statement from the hunger strikers in ‘The Jungle’ in Calais [25 March 2016]

We would like to extend our deep condolences to the people of Brussels and all the victims of Tuesday’s attacks.

It is from this same violence and terror that so many of the people of The Jungle are running. We must stand together, united as humanity, against violence in all its forms.

In the many months that we have been in The Jungle we have endured living in squalid and filthy conditions. We have all been subject to routine and systematic racist violence at the hands of nationalists, fascists and the French police. This experience of violence is common to all in The Jungle and has occurred on an almost daily basis. For many, including very young and unaccompanied refugees, this violence simply became the norm.

Despite the terrible conditions which we found ourselves living in, no…

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What makes a route more or less deadly for sea migrants?

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In 2015 15 per cent of sea arrivals and 78 per cent of deaths occurred across the Central Mediterranean route. What makes a route more or less deadly?

We have just released some initial findings from the ESRC/DFID-funded MEDMIG project – which is run by Coventry University in collaboration with the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford and partners in Greece, Italy, Turkey and Malta. The researchers interviewed 500 refugees and migrants who had used, or were planning to use, the central and eastern Mediterranean routes to enter the EU and more than 100 stakeholders.


The research brief argues that current policy responses to the crisis are likely to fail because they do not take adequate account of the critical differences in the experiences, journeys and aspirations of those crossing the Mediterranean. There is a need for nuanced, tailored and targeted policy responses which reflect these diverse, stratified and increasingly complex flows.


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Collateral damage: Diary of a EU citizen in the UK (2)

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We had a few friends and family around for my daughter’s second birthday on Sunday. Party food is always a matter of debate in my household, sausage rolls vs pizza, egg sandwiches vs frittata, party rings vs homemade apple cake. Usually, the compromise is found by doing all of them, especially if the Italian nonna is joining the party. Digesting the news of the day between a glass of prosecco and a cup of tea, consensus was reached that Ian Duncan Smith’s sudden departure had little to do with a claim for moral high ground against a government he served from six years (despite evidence of his catastrophic incompetence in handling the reform of the welfare system). ‘It is the EU referendum, stupid’, concluded our panel of strongly interest-conflicted EU citizens living in the UK. How on earth David Cameron thought he could run a three-month long referendum campaign…

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Daily News and Updates on Refugee and Forced Migration Studies 03/26/2016

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Daily News and Updates from ReliefWeb 03/26/2016

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