Afghanistan ruled safe enough to deport asylum seekers from the UK

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Hundreds of failed asylum-seekers, including former child migrants, are to be sent back to Afghanistan after the Court of Appeal ruled that deportations can be resumed.

A blanket ban on deportations back to the war-ravaged country was imposed in August last year amid concerns that it was too dangerous. Swathes of territory are controlled by the Taliban, and Isis is establishing a foothold.

But Home Secretary Theresa May won a significant legal battle to restart the flights – even though last year was the bloodiest on record for civilian casualties in the country.

According to leaked documents attained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, even the Afghan government pleaded with the UK not to resume deportations. The blanket ban imposed last year resulted from a case brought by a group of Aghan asylum seekers, including HN who was 14 when he entered the UK alone in 2007.

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