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Refugee Council: Let them fly: ask the Government to offer safe passage to Syrians

Refugees should be allowed to reach safety legally and by plane, the Refugee Council has said today.

Ahead of a special UN conference on Syrian refugees on 30 March, the charity is calling for Britain to offer more refugees safe passage.

At the conference in Geneva, the UN’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is calling for countries to offer safe pathways to refugees fleeing Syria’s brutal war, which is heading into its sixth year.

Britain’s Minister for Syrian Refugees Richard Harrington is attending the conference and will have the chance to offer refugees fleeing Syria’s brutal conflict more safe and legal options for international travel.

Ask your MP to call on Richard Harrington to #LetThemFly – email them now

At the moment, refugees fleeing war and persecution have little option for safe, legal international travel.

When war breaks out, countries like Britain often close down refugees’ legal options by refusing to issue them travel visas. This means they can’t get on planes.

Other harsh rules stop refugees joining their loved ones who have already made it to safety in other countries and there simply aren’t enough resettlement places to go around.

This is how refugees can end up in smugglers’ hands.

But there is a way out.

Read the full article on the Refugee Council website at:  www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/latest/news/4560_let_them_fly_ask_the_government_to_offer_safe_passage_to_syrians


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