UNHCR stresses right to asylum of Mozambicans crossing into Malawi

ESPMI Network

mozambican-refugees Image from The Marabi Post

As the number of Mozambicans fleeing to Malawi continues to grow, UNHCR is calling on all parties to respect their right to seek asylum amid signs of pressure to return. More than 6,000 have arrived in Malawi since mid-December, citing clashes between armed elements of the opposition RENAMO and government forces.

Nearly all of the new arrivals are staying in a settlement in Kapise village, Mwanza district, some 100 kilometres south of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, with others scattered throughout the neighbouring district of Chikwawa.

Mozambican government officials have visited Kapise at least three times since mid-January to ask people why they fled, discuss the possibility of returning to their places of origin and monitor the humanitarian situation of their fellow citizens. The Mozambican government has offered to provide socio-economic assistance should they return.

UNHCR has expressed concern to both governments that the right to seek…

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