Asylum seeker ruling ‘clears way for deportation of Australia-born babies’ (interview)

ESPMI Network

0,,18743158_303,00.jpgAustralia’s High Court has upheld Canberra’s right to detain asylum seekers offshore. Hugh de Kretser, from the Human Rights Law Centre, which represented the plaintiff in the court case, talks about the implications.

At the center of the court case was a Bangladeshi woman, who was on a boat intercepted by Australian authorities in October 2013. She was detained on Australia’s remote Christmas Island and later sent to Nauru. In 2014, she was sent to Australia to seek medical treatment for health problems in the final stages of her pregnancy. After her baby’s birth in Australia she challenged Canberra’s right to deport detained asylum seekers back to Nauru.

But Australia’s High Court ruled that the woman’s detention on Nauru was not unlawful as it had been authorized under Australian migration laws, and that the offshore processing deal with Nauru was valid under the constitution. Now she, her one-year-old child, and…

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