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The third issue of African Human Migration Review (AHMR) is published! (Links below)

Researcher Links workshop in Istanbul – 27-30 April 2016

BritiSh Council Researcher Links Workshop – Call for papers

The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, Queen’s University Belfast, and the Department of International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University, with the generous support of the British Council and Newton-Katip Celebi,docall for applications from early career researchers with a doctoral standing of less than ten years to participate in the British Council Researcher Links Workshop to be held in Istanbul on the topic:

‘Counting our losses’: the politics of loss and social transformation in the context of migration and displacement in Turkey

From the 27th to 30th April 2016 (inclusive).

The workshop is an intensive research meeting, aiming to problematize the concept of ‘loss’ and to develop a conceptual framework to understand social transformation in the context of internal as well as international migration and displacement in Turkey. 16 early career researchers based at UK universities and 17, from Universities in Turkey, will be invited for this four day workshop in Istanbul. Full expenses will be paid for those selected to participate in the workshop, courtesy of the generous support of the British Council and Newton-Katip Celebi.

All participants from the UK and Turkey, are required to deliver a 20 minutes presentation in English on a topic closely related to the theme of the workshop.

The workshop will include the following sessions and potential participants are encouraged to apply for one of the sessions, more explicitly.

· Conceptualising loss and transformation in the context of Turkey

Theories and concepts of loss. How has loss been mobilised historically, politically and institutionally in Turkey? Chaired by Professor Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University

· Loss, displacement and minorities
Diverse perspectives on loss and displacement of minorities in the historical context of the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Empire; the politics of loss in processes of remembering and forgetting, state-building, identity construction and articulation of rights. Chaired by Dr. Ömer Turan, Istanbul Bilgi University

· Creative interpretations of loss in Turkey

Historical traditions of creative production and performances on loss; cultural, artistic and literary articulations of loss as tools for expression, recovery and reconciliation. Chaired by Dr. Fiona Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast

· Gendering loss

Gendered aspects of loss in the context of international migration and displacement; to what extent are women and men differently impacted? Representatives of migrant women’s groups will be invited. Chaired by Dr. Ulrike M Vieten, Queen’s University Belfast.

· Loss of place – Loss of status

Spatial aspects of loss and displacement; we aim to bring together scholars and practitioners, the latter working in refugee camps, detention centres and urban settlements. Chaired by Dr. Ilay Romain Ors, Istanbul Bilgi University.

· Loss and the transformation of city spaces
Gentrification and displacement; community-breaking and community-building; issues affecting migrant and refugee urban resettlement. Chaired by Dr. Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou, Queen’s University Belfast.
· Loss and border transformation with respect to the EU and the Middle East

Material, social and political transformations of Turkish borderlands by migration and displacement; (in)security and risk, conflict resolution. Chaired by Professor Hastings Donnan, Queen’s University Belfast.

The coordinators of the workshop are:

Dr. Ulrike M Vieten, Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice, Queen’s University Belfast. Email: u.vieten

Dr. Ilay Romain Ors, Department of International Relations, İstanbul Bilgi University. Email: ilay.ors

Criteria for the selection for the candidates are:

Applicants will be selected in accordance to the following criteria:

a) A doctoral standing of ten years or less.

b) A 250-300 word abstract of a paper proposal with a title, showing the ability to present a paper closely related to the topic of the workshop.

c) An affiliation to a Higher Education institution in Turkey or the UK.

The criteria for selection are:

1) A demonstrable research interest on the topic of the workshop, ideally through a PhD thesis and publications.

2) Willingness to become part of an expert group on the ‘politics of loss’ e. g. advancing and deepening the network, and possibly, contributing to the writing of grant proposals.

3) A demonstrable ability to present a paper closely related to the topic of the workshop, and a demonstrable ability to covert and expand this paper into a contribution to a high quality referee journal, or a referee edited book.


The Application must consist of:

1) The abstract as indicated above (plus title) related to one of the seven sub-sessions.

2) A declaration that the participants is free in April and able to travel to Turkey.

3) A short CV (not more than an A4 page) indicating also an email address, institutional affiliation date of completion of doctoral dissertation, and relevant publications.


(Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.)

APPLICATIONS by email only to:

UK applicants: u.vieten

Turkey applicants: ilay.ors


The focus on ‘loss’ engenders understandings of migrant subjectivities and social transformation in the Turkish borderland, particularly, East and South, and urban spaces, such as Istanbul and Ankara. By bringing together researchers with civil society representatives and policy makers, the workshop will address the potentialities of acknowledging ‘loss’ as a central force in Turkish socio-economic life thus informing research-based action on migration and displacement.

It will address international migrants’ and refugees’ welfare by investigating current policy in juxtaposition to migrants’ articulations of loss; we will look at the situation of internal migrants and displaced, in terms of the ways internal migration and displacement is regulated in Turkey, and how to address urban development, social conflict and economic growth. Further, we will take into focus local communities, approaching questions such as how they are impacted by migration to provide recommendations on conflict resolution and well-being.

Methodologically, we are interested, particularly, in interdisciplinary, post-colonial and creative-academic cross boundary, as well as narrative methods.

Dr Ulrike M Vieten (MA; PhD)

Queen’s University Research Fellow

e-mail: u.vieten

phone: +44 (0) 28 9097 2528

Postal address:

Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

Queen’s University Belfast

19 University Square



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