Our Refugee Camps are Not Tourist Attractions

ESPMI Network

It’s true. There are tourist trips to the refugee camps, where privileged foreigners encroach on the grounds to obtain their official right to brag.

“Oh, yes we went to Zaatari camp and saw the refugees,” says the privileged foreign audience, to uplift their own credibility. They snap a picture with the “pretty-blue-eyed” child to showcase to those around them their understanding of the pain and struggle of those forced out of their homes.

Every time the tourists in the refugee camp are confronted, they claim, “we are here to understand the situation.” As if a few hours touring the camp, taking pictures with a few of the children, and leaving is how one will come to understand the situation.

When tourists snap pictures, photography turns into a tool that dehumanizes people into products. Cameras fill the Syrian refugee camps at the borders, as people enter and exit, taking with them…

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