The Challenges of Visible Migrant Settlement in Regional Australia

Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

by David Radford

In November last year, David Radford and Louis Everuss from the Hawke-EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations, and Cultural Transformations, Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia visited GRAMNet. In this post, David, a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre, contributes a write up of a seminar paper he delivered, as well as some reflections on his time with GRAMNet.

The nature of Australia’s growing multicultural society requires individuals and communities to meaningful engage and negotiate with one another’s ‘differences and sameness”. Pardy and Lee have argued that increasing diverse communities living in the same physical location ‘is not something to be accepted, rejected or debated’, rather, ‘…it is a fact of life’ (Pardy and Lee, 2011 p. 300), influenced in no small part by globalisation and increased mobilities. Recent work into the nature of Australia’s multicultural society has investigated how diverse local and immigrant communities negotiate their…

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