Educating Dunkirk: A School Day.

Miss Scott Said What?

Grand Synthe camp in Dunkirk is about half an hour away from the migrant camp in Calais, known as The Jungle. It has a different sort of resident, and a feelof its own. Whilst Calais grew rapidly into a sprawling city, Dunkirk was in its shadow, lesser known and until recently under the radar of the media. They do not have access to the facilities, amenities or the infrastructurethat those in Calais do. I was told there are somewhere in the region of 2000 refugees here, and I only count15 portaloos on the whole site. These are steam cleaned by the French authorities regularly, with the dirty water pouring out into the sticky mud and creating puddles on the main pathway that goes through the camp.

As I walked into the Grand Synthe camp I was stunned and silent, speechless. Whilst The Jungle sprang up in an industrial area in…

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