Integration in turbulent contexts – CfP for IMISCOE Annual Conference

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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Effects of External Shocks on Integration

IMISCOE Annual Conference, Prague 30 June – 2 July 2016

Workshop convened by the IMISCOE Research Initiative

“INTEGRATION IN TURBULENT CONTEXTS – Analysing the impact of exogenous factors on integration dynamics and intergroup relations”

The diffusion of the concept of integration in the field of migration studies was embedded in a specific historical contingency, marked by relatively continuous and sustained economic growth, and by relative geopolitical stability. Such key contextual aspects indirectly shaped theoretical approaches and research agenda-setting. In fact, in spite of a wide scholarly consensus on the reversible nature of integration, this fundamental assumption has seldom been developed into clear hypotheses and research paths.

Over the last decade, wider international dynamics have strongly impacted on migrants’ integration in European societies in various and unforeseen ways. Specifically, the global economic crisis and the highly mediatised and politicised ‘mixed’…

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