An interview with four Syrian refugees in Germany: “Sexually harassing women is completely unacceptable.”

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Mohammad-F.-links-Ammar-B.-und-sein-Bruder-Mohammad-B.-rechts.-Andreas-Prost-für-ZEIT-ONLINE-1024x702 Four Syrian refugees tell their stories (one did not wish to be photographed). Source: Andreas Prost/ZEIT ONLINE

BY FRIDA THURM AND CHRISTIAN BANGELThey are Muslim men, and they want to stay in Germany. We spoke with four Syrian refugees about good women, bad men and getting used to a new culture’s rules.

A refugee hostel opened its doors a few weeks ago less than 100 meters from the editorial offices of ZEIT ONLINE, a sister publication of Handelsblatt Global Edition.

We went there and asked whether someone would like to talk to us about men and women, and their relationship to each other. After the horrific events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of assaults on women were carried out by men described as being North African or Arab, almost everyone is talking about Arab men, but almost no one is talking to them.

Four men immediately agreed to…

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