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A nation without a state? A brief history of Roma political movements

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While doing some readings for a comparative article on statelessness among Roma, Palestinians and Kurds I found a fascinating paper that traces a concise history of how and where Roma organisations emerged and what goals they pursued. The article is by Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov: http://mail.geobiz.net/sr-www/files/Virtual%20library/Nation.pdf

DiasporasReI have recently written on a small fragment of this history in Diasporas Reimagined where I discuss the Yugo-nostalgia of some of my Roma informants in Italy and Kosovo. The chapter is available here.

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Integration in turbulent contexts – CfP for IMISCOE Annual Conference

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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Effects of External Shocks on Integration

IMISCOE Annual Conference, Prague 30 June – 2 July 2016

Workshop convened by the IMISCOE Research Initiative

“INTEGRATION IN TURBULENT CONTEXTS – Analysing the impact of exogenous factors on integration dynamics and intergroup relations”

The diffusion of the concept of integration in the field of migration studies was embedded in a specific historical contingency, marked by relatively continuous and sustained economic growth, and by relative geopolitical stability. Such key contextual aspects indirectly shaped theoretical approaches and research agenda-setting. In fact, in spite of a wide scholarly consensus on the reversible nature of integration, this fundamental assumption has seldom been developed into clear hypotheses and research paths.

Over the last decade, wider international dynamics have strongly impacted on migrants’ integration in European societies in various and unforeseen ways. Specifically, the global economic crisis and the highly mediatised and politicised ‘mixed’…

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Northwestern University Summer Institute: Refugee Protection and the Rights and Process of (Re)Settlement

2,647 of 4.5 million: Why is it so difficult for Syrian refugees to get into the U.S.?

Steve Peers: The Draft Renegotiation Deal: EU Immigration Issues

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Steve PeersThis is the first in a series of blog posts about the draft deal on the renegotiation of the UK’s EU membership, tabled earlier today. I am starting with the critical issue of free movement of EU citizens (often referred to as ‘EU immigration’). Subsequent posts will be on the other substantive issues (competitiveness, Eurozone relations, sovereignty) and on the legal form of the deal.

The draft deal takes the form of six draft legal texts: a Decision of the EU Member States’ Heads of State and Government (the ‘draft Decision’); a Statement of the Heads of State and Government (which consists of a draft Council Decision); a Declaration by the European Council (which consists of the EU Member States’ Heads of State and Government, although when acting collectively they are legally distinct from the European Council): and three declarations by the Commission…

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A 2-Tier system in Canada: Syrian refugees arriving before and after Nov. 4th

4 migration-focused summer classes @ SOAS (scholarship opportunities)

“I Came By Boat”: former refugee launches campaign to highlight migrant contribution

An interview with four Syrian refugees in Germany: “Sexually harassing women is completely unacceptable.”

Daily News and Updates on Refugee and Forced Migration Studies 02/04/2016

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Daily News and Updates from ReliefWeb 02/04/2016

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