Remember, we defend refugees not because they are saints, but because they are human

Development and Human Rights

Take a random sample of a million British people, and you’re sure to come across some bad ones. Some rapists? Probably. Some sexists? Certainly. Among these million people are going to be fat people and thin people, tall people and short people, Left-wingers and right-wingers, Muslims, Christians, atheists, mothers, fathers, grandparents and everything in between. So it should come as little surprise to us that when Germany, at a time when everyone else was slamming doors and putting up fences, generously opened its borders to a million refugees, some of them turned out to be not very nice people. But according to right-wingers, this was a reality the Left had been willfully ignoring, an inconvenient truth disregarded because it didn’t suit our agenda. And they’d be right.

Take a look at any right-wing newspaper and you’re sure to find screaming headlines about foreigners who came to our land, stole our…

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