Refugee contractor (IRC) criticized in Huffington Post story as Syrian refugee pleads for more $$$

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This lengthy story in the Huffington Post is a must-read for everyone seriously looking into how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program works in your community.  But, just please ignore the fact that it is a blatant pitch for refugees to receive MORE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

The article begins (Ho hum! according to Journalism 101) with a sob story about a recently arrived Syrian refugee family resettled in California.  The star-of-the-story’s time in jail in Syria sounds improbable to me, but only he will ever know if it’s a truthful account.

Miliband and Hillary eating David Miliband, bff Hillary, is the CEO of the IRC which takes in approximately $350 million in government grants and contracts annually. Surely they don’t need to take $875 from every man, woman and child they resettle. Doesn’t sound charitable to me! But, gotta keep the bigwigs in 6-digit salaries!

However, this is the part of the…

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