How host countries can improve their resilience to refugee flows?


Large scale involuntary migration is, according to the Global Risks Report 2016 of the World Economic Forum, the most important concern of developping countries for the next 18 months.

As Sara Pantuliano stresses States should not only look at the risks refugees might pose for the economies and societies of host countries, but also at the potential benefits they can bring.

Evidence shows that, if refugees are given sufficient support and investment, they can make significant social and economic contributions to their host countries. Countries can become better able to cope with mass refugee flows by nurturing refugees’ economic contribution and supporting their integration into host societies.

How is it possible for host countries to improve their resilience to mass refugee flows? First, by recognizing the substantial social and economic contribution refugees can make to their host societies, “support for refugees, particularly support for integration, should be seen as an investment for…

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