‘Stateless’, ’Infiltrators’, ’Trafficked victims’, ’Bangladeshis’: Who are the Rohingyas?

ESPMI Network

Till very recently in India, the Rohingyas were eyed with suspicion, often linked to terror activities like the Khagragarh bomb blast in Burdwan, West Bengal, in 2014. However, post the shocking media revelation of the smuggling-trafficking rackets in Bangladesh, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, facilitating the sea journey of Rohingyas to Southeast Asian countries, humanitarian responses worldwide have changed this imagery slightly. Being a Muslim minority ethnic group hailing from the Arakan province of Myanmar, the Rohingyas have been in constant mobility, lacking a fixed space or a state to negotiate with.

As per a law in Myanmar, they have been denied citizenship and since then have been widely referred to as the world’s largest persecuted stateless community and are at present “Asia’s new boat people’. They are also commonly referred to as “bangalee” or natives of Bangladesh. Their language being similar to the Chittagongian dialect makes them even more…

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