Calais and the refugee crisis: building solidarity and thinking through the politics

Mitch Mitchell from London2Calais looks back at six months of activism to deliver aid to refugees trapped in northern France.

london2calais Activists delivering aid in the Jungle earlier this year (pic: London2Calais)

The refugee crisis in Europe has rarely been out of the headlines this year. Our group, London2Calais, was formed in mid-August to take food, clothes and solidarity to refugees stranded in a makeshift camp in Calais which they had dubbed the Jungle.

A couple of weeks after we set up there was a surge in public support for refugee solidarity. People were horrified by photographs of Alan Kurdi, a three year old Syrian child found drowned on a Turkish beach. A march held in London on 12 September attracted 90,000 people.

However, this also led to a stepping up of the pressure applied to us by various authorities. Members of London2Calais received home visits from officers attached to the UK…

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