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Добрый день!

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UN Security Council is Again Discussing Resolution to Authorise EU Use of Force Against Migrant Vessels


What’s in Blue and the New York Times report that “it appears that EU [Security] Council members are currently discussing with non-EU P5 members a draft resolution authorising EU NAVFOR Med to intercept boats used by human trafficking networks on the high seas of the Mediterranean.”

NY Times: The resolution “would authorize military action on a specific route on the high seas from the coast of Libya north to Italy. The proposal is a significant step down from what the European leaders originally wanted: the Council’s blessing to conduct military operations along the Libyan coast, on land and water, to seize and disrupt the smugglers. …  According to one Security Council diplomat, the resolution would allow for boats to be seized and for the people on board to be taken to Italy, where the authorities would determine who among them might be eligible for asylum because they were fleeing…

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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Russia ready to support Security Council Resolution approving coercive measures by EU only if measures strictly regulated and leave no space for equivocal interpretation


During an interview on Russia’s Channel One “Sunday Time” programme, on 13 September, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said “that Russia stands ready to approve coercive measures only if they are strictly regulated and set out in every detail in the resolution, leaving no space for any equivocal interpretation.” Lavrov was critical of how Western countries had in the past interpreted UN Security Council resolutions and said that the US and European states had in the past engaged in “illegitimate actions in violation of the UN Security Council mandate [which] turned Libya into a ‘blackhole’ now used by terrorists of all kinds.” Lavrov also called for more information regarding what the EU planned to do with refugees found on board intercepted vessels and what would happen to suspected criminals encountered at sea.

Excerpt from the Channel One programme (English translation from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs):

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Cameron, Save the Children and the politics and economics of the refugee crisis

Postcards from ...

_85530627_aaacameronfamilypaOn Friday 4 September at 7pm I was interviewed by BBC News Channel to comment on Cameron’s refugee plan and its meagre and inadequate (someone said ‘pathetic and derisory’) offer to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees from camps around Syria – that host about 4 million Syrians (ie. the offer covers the 0.5% of the displaced population). Just before me while I was sitting in the BBC Oxford studio, a spokesperson for Save the Children was asked to comment on the proposal. She took a much more positive view of the refugee plan and went as far as saying, with my astonishment, that the reason for the current flow of refugees towards Europe is that not all EU member states are as generous as the UK. I could hardly believe to my ears.

Since then we witnessed Germany opening (if only temporarily) its borders to thousands of refugees and de facto suspending the…

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