The refugee crisis and the UK’s PR politics

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Listen to my interview on the UK’s response to #lthe refugee crisis on BBC5 Live’s Up All Night from 129′-134′

David-Cameron-pic-by-Guillaume-Paumier-Flickr-creative-commonsThe refugee crisis is now – in Budapest, in Kos, in Calais, in Sicily, in Zuwarah, but the UK government pledges to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years (i.e. 4000 a year). Are Cameron and co. expecting the civil war to last that long or are they playing a game of cynical math wizardry? What about the non-Syrian forced migrants, why are they less deserving?
Over the weekend, rumours on the exact figure behind the ‘thousands more refugees’ announcement circulated, 15,000 refugees was reported by a number of newspapers. But today France and Germany pledged to take an extra 55,000 refugees on the EU compulsory quota system over the next 2 years (overall the scheme will involve 160,000 asylum seekers). Perhaps feeling outnumbered by such generosity, the UK’s…

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