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Call for Papers: Diaspora: A one-day conference on a travelling concept Stockholm University September 9 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS Deadline May 12 2015

Diaspora: A one-day conference on a travelling concept

Stockholm University September 9 2015

Since the 1980s scholars of different backgrounds have contributed to the reinvention of diaspora as an important concept in academic research. As an analytical tool and perspective on the triadic relations built into the processes of “expatriate minority communities”, the concept travelled across disciplines and did at times change the disciplines or was itself altered in the process.
For this one-day conference we invite scholars to submit empirically based papers about diaspora and its ‘travelling’ features in different dimensions. The subjects, forms of life and artefacts under study are often transnationally distributed and expressed in fluid forms. How are researchers dealing with this? We are interested in papers discussing both conceptual and methodological challenges in conducting diaspora research.

In their attempts to understand some of the central processes and sociocultural phenomena associated with human migration, displacement, exile and transnational dispersal, scholars have applied the concept of diaspora in divergent ways. On the European scene there have been few attempts to learn from the diversity in the field of diaspora studies by, for example, exchanging experiences and discussing theoretical differences. The aim of this conference is therefore to contribute to such learning and encourage development in diaspora studies by implementing a cross-disciplinary dialogue between researchers in the humanities and the social sciences. For this cross-disciplinary dialogue we invite researchers who engage in analyses of various ways of constructing home and belonging in different diaspora spaces.
The conference is organized in a keynote session and a paper session (see program below). In this call for papers we address the conceptual development of the diaspora concept through a cross-disciplinary dialogue in three panels. We request for papers based on recent empirical research and on analyses of new forms of sociability, political mobilization or the production and presentation of cultural artefacts such as art, literature and films. We are particularly interested in soliciting abstracts from scholars at an early stage of their career (PhD students and Post-docs). This call for papers is for three panels on the following themes:

Panel 1: Diaspora: When experiences become identity Panel 2: Diaspora: Performing diaspora Panel 3: Diaspora: Homing at a distance

The first panel – Diaspora: When experiences become identity – primarily invites papers dealing with social mobilization and the creation of belonging among diasporic communities. How do we study the processes of transforming human experiences of exile, displacement and migration into feelings of belongings and identifications among diasporic communities?
How are these processes conceptualized in different disciplines and how do we utilize the divergent understandings in a cross-disciplinary dialogue?

The second panel – Diaspora: Performing diaspora – addresses the expressive forms of diaspora. What notions of homes and belongings are accentuated in expressive cultures of diasporas? How are these cultures instrumental in the social and political formations of diasporic communities? The panel invites papers featuring a cross-disciplinary dialogue on methods and the use of concepts when studying for instance ‘diasporic art’ and ‘culture’ and their role as constituencies of diasporas.

The third panel – Diaspora: Homing at a distance – addresses the narrating of home(s) in diasporas. The constructions of homes – the homing – are made both in relation to the ‘host-society’ and to the society of ‘origin’. How do we study and analyze the processes of ‘diasporic homing’ and the ‘emotional engaging’ of individuals and groups? The panel invites a cross-disciplinary dialogue on methods and analytical tools which serves the understanding of how multiple homes are constructed in diasporic practices.

Authors are kindly requested to send their abstracts of no more than 300 words by email to erik.olsson@socant.su.se or annika.rabo@socant.su.se no later than May 12, 2015.


Erik Olsson / Annika Rabo
Department of Social Anthropology
Stockholm University
SE 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Preliminary program for September 9, 2015

10.00 Opening of conference
10.15-11.00 Keynote lecture by Myria Georgiou, Dept of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science
11.00-12.00 Keynote panel with Avtar Brah, Birkbeck, London and Khachig Tölölyan, Wesleyan University Lunch break
13.00-17.00 Workshop session:
Panel 1: Diaspora: When experiences become identity Panel 2: Diaspora: Performing diaspora Panel 3: Diaspora: Homing at a distance

The panels will run in parallel.

10 points of institutional racism


Here are the 10 points put forward by the European Commission and backed by EU foreign and interior ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg:

  1. The EU will reinforce the EU’s maritime patrolling operations in the Mediterranean, called Triton and Poseidon, by giving them more money and equipment. The EU will also extend their scope to patrol a wider area of sea.
  2. The bloc will make a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by the people smugglers, using the EU’s counter-piracy “Atalanta” operation off Somalia as a model. EU officials said it would be a combined civilian and military operation but gave no more details.
  3. The EU’s law enforcement, border control, asylum and prosecutors’ agencies will meet regularly and work closely to gather information on how the smugglers operate, to trace their funds and help investigate them.
  4. The European Union’s asylum support office will to deploy teams in Italy…

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